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Snowflake is a modern Data Warehouse that solves many frequently-occurring problems with traditional data warehouses. It requires minimal maintenance, delivers a significant performance increase, separates storage from compute and enables efficient horizontal and vertical scaling. 

Snowflake changes the way businesses think of data warehouses. Its automated micro-partitioning means that you have to worry a lot less about optimising big data tables - they just stay fast. Its compute-storage separation means your daily ELT, reporting, analytics and other processes don't have to clash (so no more data scientists complaining their queries take forever to run because your reporting tool is refreshing). Its automated rules for horizontal and vertical scaling means its a breeze to handle peak periods. 

There are many other small and large benefits of switching to Snowflake as your data warehouse.

Infinite Lambda can show you how you can fully utilise this great technology while keeping your costs to the absolute minimum. We'll even show you how to optimise your ELT processes, adopt great supplementary tools like DBT or how to put Looker or Tableau on top of it.

Price tag: A 3-day course will cost you £9k. A 2-week PoC (e.g. to explore the benefits of moving to Snowflake, as we demonstrated here with a client) will cost you between £6k and £10k. 

Here at Infinite Lambda, we like to be transparent about how much our services will cost you. We use a mixture of experienced on-premise consultants and talented near-shore developers that ensure we can offer very competitive rates while delivering uncompromising results.


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