We’re an official Snowflake partner

We are a proud Snowflake partner and hold Snowpro certification to show our expertise and extensive experience with the cloud data platform.

We migrate your data to Snowflake and help you set up your data warehouses.

Infinite scalability
Easy migration
Cost efficiency

Seamless Migration

We ensure a swift migration to Snowflake without downtime or disruptions in service. Our engineers empower you to take full advantage of the cloud to optimise resources and make sure you are fully aware of your new data warehouse potential via bespoke training and support.

Easy Data Sharing

Share warehouse-to-warehouse regardless of location and cloud provider without complex ETL processes. Benefit from out-of-the-box tooling for near real-time streaming, data processing and analytics where results are available within minutes.

Infinite Scalability

Scale up and down automatically depending on your demand and separate compute and storage usage, to manage your resources precisely and reduce cost. Use advanced automations for a seamless experience without disruptions or downtime.

Migrate from Redshift, Oracle or Google BigQuery

Still considering? Let’s take a look at your options:

Migrate from AWS Redshift to

  • Remove concurrency problems;

  • Reduce operational overhead by up to 80%;

  • Improve speed and save time with automations.

  • Join large tables easily and combine data without disclosing PII;

  • Protect your information with Time Travel and

  • Utilise multi-cloud and cross-cloud functionalities.

Migrate from Google BigQuery to

  • Get automatic patches and upgrades;

  • Keep your trusted tools, such as ODI, or find new ones;

  • Forget about hardware requirements and software installation.

Migrate from Oracle to Snowflake to

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​Request a No-Obligation Consultation

Infinite Lambda has been a Snowflake partner for over a year now, helping over 70% of our clients unlock the platform’s potential and discover innovative ways to monetise their information.

Get in touch with us to talk about the benefits of a migration for your business and learn about the specifics.

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