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Recommendation Engines and Marketing Automation

Recommendation Engines and other Marketing Automation techniques help your business deliver the most value to your customers. It might be through showing your website visitors the most likely products they might be interested in, customizing targeted CRM emails or just understanding what your customers want based on what they do. 

Of course, it all starts with data. We can assist you in setting up your data platform in a way that best supports your Marketing Automation. This might include bringing in Google Analytics, product, customers and purchase data all into the same data warehouse (and building the automated processes to continuously bring in new data).


Once that's done, our Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts get started building you a bespoke Recommendation Engine, or any other type of Marketing Automation solution that makes sense for your use case. Alternatively, where it's more appropriate or cost-effective, we can assist you in adopting a third-party product such as Adobe's suite or AWS's Recommender Engine.


Price tag: Assuming your data is in tiptop shape, our teams consisting of Data Science and ML experts will cost you around £25k per month. Typical model implementation and deployment takes around 3 months. 

Here at Infinite Lambda, we like to be transparent about how much our services will cost you. We use a mixture of experienced on-premise consultants and talented near-shore developers that ensure we can offer very competitive rates while delivering uncompromising results.


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