Our Premium Partners

We attribute a large part of our success to the technologies that enable us to deliver amazing solutions. 

Data Warehousing

Delivering data platforms at speed enables us to spend more time concentrating on what's really important - using data to solve problems.

As the Data Warehouse can often be the centrepiece of a platform, it is important to pick one that reduces operational overhead. Security, scalability and ease of use are other important considerations. 

We have experience with some great warehousing tech, yet always find Snowflake to be one step ahead.

Business Intelligence

The right BI tool will enable curiosity. It will democratise access to data. It will enable anyone to ask and answer questions, without needing teams of engineers to prepare custom reports. It will reduce friction and enable self-service.

For those reasons, Looker is our favourite BI tool out there. It works really well with cloud-based data warehouses (like Snowflake) and bundles data catalogue, exploration, dashboards and scheduled reporting all into one browser-only tool.

Data Collection

Building data streams is hard. Building streams that scale, ensure high quality of data, enable users to 'tap into' the stream at any point and provide a number of enrichments out of the box are really hard. Luckily, there's Snowplow! It allows us to focus on how users utilise product features as opposed to spending months building data streams!

As much as we enjoy building data pipelines, we aren't too sold on the idea of reinventing the wheel all the time. Luckily, Fivetran has connectors to over a hundred data sources, allowing us to pull data into our data lake/warehouse with minimal setup. Huge time-saver!