Infinite Lambda Limited 2020 | Data Engineering, Data Science and BI

 9 Appold Street, London    

Our founders

It all started in a living room! (and over a year of working together for a common client...)

Nas and Marton met while working for a common client in London. Both data consultants, they spent the last half decade doing big data architecture, engineering and science for various companies. 

They both felt they can do more than their individual contributions. They could see the lack of data talent in the UK and could spot the opportunities to upskill engineers here and abroad to help fill the ever-increasing skill gap.

And so they founded Infinite Lambda...


Since then, Nas and Marton have been leveraging their networks in the UK, Bulgaria, Hungary and France to find the best data talent and prepare it for the challenges of today and tomorrow. They take the utmost pride in their work and only feel successful when their business partners have truly unlocked the potential of their data. Onwards to data-drivenness!