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Data Dev + OPS

We source some of the best DevOps engineers in Europe through our offices in Hungary and Bulgaria. You can engage with us either on an ad-hoc basis (as and when needed, e.g. a burst capacity for a project), or as an ongoing Data DevOps partner.

We work to solve the DevOps engineer crisis. Good engineers (especially data, BI and ML engineers) are far and few between. That's why we focus so much on people development. Our extensive network in the engineering community in the UK, Hungary and Bulgaria means we are very privileged to have access to a formidable engineering talent pool. The people we hire undergo extensive training on best-in-class tools and techniques, and they get to continue up-skilling through external training courses and boot camps entirely on us.

As our partner, you too will have access to all this talent. And the kicker is - because of our hybrid location model, it will cost you a lot less than any other UK-based provider!

Reach out via the form below to find out more.

Note: If rather than DevOps you are just looking for someone to mind your BI dashboards, keep ELT pipelines in top shape or wake up early morning to fix an incident so you don't have to, then you might be interested in our Data Platform Support service!


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