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how we do it

We support, so you can build.

Supporting a data platform is no easy task. Your data warehouse cluster needs continuous monitoring and optimisation, your ELT processes *will* fail sporadically, your storage space will run out, your costs will go up, your utilisation will change, etc.


The truth is, it is hard to find good data engineers who want to support a data platform in the UK. Data engineers are in high demand as it is, and there are plenty of projects out there that are more exciting than having to do support day in, day out. With a big data platform, DevOps is really 10% Dev and 90 % Ops.


Infinite Lambda has access to some of Europe's best data engineering talent. With our network and offices in Hungary and Bulgaria, we have tapped into a fantastic pool of talent - both engineers who want to do development, and ones that have mastered the art of watchful maintenance and support over years of meeting outsourcing demands.

Reach out to find out how we can help with your data platform support needs.


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