What is a Data Platform Strategy?

A Data Platform Strategy helps businesses get an understanding of how to leverage all their data for effective and accurate reporting, analytics, guidance and recommendations. 

A good Data Platform Strategy will demonstrate a great understanding of the following points:

  • What data do we own/have access to and where does it sit?

  • When and how does new data arrive in our organisation? How do we capture it?

  • How good is this data (can we use it, does it need cleaning)?

  • How do we make the data available for reporting/analytics/data science etc.?

  • How do we secure the data and how do we deal with GDPR and licensing issues?

  • How do we provide the right data to the right individuals in our organisation most effectively?

  • How do we optimise our data platform for speed, robustness and cost?

Building a successful Data Platform is a team effort - you need everyone involved from data owners to data workers to business executives. 


Infinite Lambda consultants work with you to prepare a Data Platform Strategy document and a slide deck that you can use to drive the right conversations across your organisation and ensure that you know exactly what you need to build.

Price tag: Depending on the complexity of your organisation (and your data), the delivery time would vary between 2 and 6 weeks for most cases. The cost would range between £10k and £30k. 

Here at Infinite Lambda, we like to be transparent about how much our services will cost you. We use a mixture of experienced on-premise consultants and talented near-shore developers that ensure we can offer very competitive rates while delivering uncompromising results.


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