Data Science & Engineering

The best-performing companies are


Businesses small and large can quickly get overwhelmed by the amount of data they have at their disposal.

We can help provide the much-needed expertise to make your data work for you.


Whether it is consolidating data and creating a trusted and accurate single source of the truth. Or creating a single customer view and applying various algorithms such as churn prediction, product recommendation and many more.


Or simply helping with an operational issue, such as migrating to a more powerful data warehouse, or finding ways to collaborate on data science work more efficiently - we have the experts who can help.

Case Study

Online Travel Company

Challenge: One of the biggest Online Travel companies in the world needed to tame its own data. Terabytes of it. Our client felt that there is a significant business opportunity “buried” in their data - from understanding how better to tailor the product experience to different types of customers in order to increase conversion rates, to reconciling data from different partners, to managing marketing spend and more. However, the data was not lending itself well to analysis. It was not available for performant querying/access by data scientists and analysts, and they didn’t quite trust it in the first place.

Solution: Our specialist data engineers worked with our client’s business and engineering counterparts to help establish a Data Lake with a well organised ‘Bronze/Silver/Gold’ structure.

This took care of the “not trusting the data” problem.


They also utilised cutting-edge technologies that enabled performant analytics to take place over very large datasets.

Data dictionaries, data lineage and governance processes were established to enable a more efficient data management and reduce operational cost in the long run.


The enablement that such project delivered to the business is felt in every department across every country they operate in.

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