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Cloud Development

When your current application cannot handle the load anymore, we step in to build infinitely scalable cloud-based applications. We help you move to real-time processing while keeping high availability and security standards.

Cloud-based development

Reduce your cloud cost by up to 80%

Our team will assess your current setup and processes to ensure your cloud cost is always optimized. We have practical experience of having done so and reducing cloud costs for our clients by up to 80%.

Data application development

We specialize in developing data-rich applications available to real-time requests - both to read and to update. We are able to thus combine a big data warehouse with an end-user product.

Delivering a B2B Marketing Platform on the Cloud

Industry: E-Commerce

Technology used: AWS, Lambda, ElastiCache, Kinesis, EKS, Python

Project type: Long-term embedded team


A digital marketing platform needed a new backend application that can handle an increasingly demanding data flow (100s of millions of requests daily).


We identified the components in the existing solution that were not able to scale, and replaced those using more elastic services managed by their cloud provider. This bought us time to rework the platform in a manner that was going to have scalability and elasticity as its cornerstones. Our engineers worked alongside our client’s teams to create an end-to-end solution ready to be deployed to production in under 3 months. We utilised a mixture of serverless components (such as AWS ElastiCache, Kinesis, Lambda and EKS) and custom development, with a robust setup for continuous deployment, monitoring and reporting. Many months later, the platform still requires minimal maintenance. In parallel to building the new platform, our analysts and engineers built automatons around many manual processes, significantly reducing the load on the operations team and enabling key decision-makers in the company to get access to critical information more quickly.

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